Get the Help You Need  to Adjust to Life, Realize Your Goals, and Live the Life You Desire

Individual Therapy

You can’t be at your best in relationships and other areas of life until you’re the best version of you possible. Individual therapy can help you focus on the things that hold you back.

Relationship Therapy

Do you struggle with finding the right partner or maintaining healthy and happy relationships? Sometimes it’s hard to navigate all of the emotions but we can help.


Through the use of Cognitative Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Based Therapy, Solutions Based Therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy, I help you get unstuck and find happiness.

Hi, I’m Nicole Weiss

Psychotherapist, LCSW, ACSW

I’m a licensed and nationally accredited psychotherapist located in the Pacific Beach section of San Diego, California.

The focus of my practice is working with individuals on the issues of their lives: relationships, transitions, self-awareness, being stuck in patterns, self-identity, and finding their own path through life – the one that will bring them happiness.

My Specialties

Life Transition



Adult Therapy


Relationship Seekers

College Students


Life Coaching