Life Coaching


Sometimes a person is looking for guidance to seek a different direction in life.

Life coaching can be a powerful way to get you there. A candidate for life coaching is someone who either does not need counseling or has been to counseling and feels like he/she has resolved most past issues and instead wants support moving forward. Life coaching is solution focused. It is about making goals and meeting them.


For some it is learning to date. For many strong women or men the skills that have helped you get ahead in your career can not be applied to dating. An internal shift needs to be made to allow the process of connecting to another.

I can help you recognize and/or create these connections through coaching.

Parenting a College Student

For others the need is to forge a new relationship with a child (now an adult) going off to college. This new relationship can be challenging and painful or it can be exciting and freeing. Very often a change in how you perceive the transition is most helpful.

I work with college students and their parents for to guide you through this transition.

Making a Transition

With life coaching, a transition can be made without losing what is valuable to you. It might be a career change or setting aside time, resources to travel, learn a new language, lose weight or go back to school.

Having guidance through transition is helpful and can speed the process of change without fallout.

If you feel that your issues are not pathological and you would like support, guidance to help you improve your quality of life Nicole is available to for remote or in person life coaching. This is not reimbursable by insurance. If you don’t feel you need therapy, or have been to therapy and it helped but still need support to reach your goals, coaching might be for you.