My Services


I believe that change occurs best in an authentic client-therapist relationship.

Along with the client I create a friendly, caring environment from which people can feel safe to explore and express their authentic selves. Through this relationship I believe a person is freer to go into the world more joyous and alive. Clients are better able to connect to others in relationship as well as express themselves in work and play.

Through specialized training I have come to understand the relationship between the body, mind and feeling. I believe that the three are woven together and all need to be contacted in therapy to create lasting change.

My Specialties

Life Transition



Adult Therapy


Relationship Seekers

College Students


Life Coaching

About Payment and Insurance

Some notes on the logistics of working with me:

  • Sessions last 45 minutes, though I sometimes book longer sessions if the need arises.
  • I have a flexible schedule. I also do phone, skype and facetime sessions.
  • I accept the following forms of payment: cash, personal checks, and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa & American Express).

I know many people are interested in using their insurance to pay for therapy. With PPO insurance companies, my services are usually covered as an out-of-network provider – if your policy has out-of-network coverage. I’m happy to contact your insurance company to find out details of your coverage (including coverage, deductibles and co-pays).

For out-of-network coverage, my normal policy is to provide you with a detailed invoice, which you can then submit to your insurance company. Under certain circumstances I will do the insurance billing for you – please ask when we meet each other.


Cognitive Therapy

Short-term psychotherapy focused on changing negative patterns of thought to help with challenges like depression, anxiety, relationship issues, substance abuse, etc.

Solutions Based Therapy

Solutions focused therapy that concentrates on the present and future rather than the past. It is a goal oriented therapy with the focus on faster resolutions for problems.

Somatic Based Therapy

Holistic therapy that studies the relationship between the body and the mind as it relates to the past and current psychological struggles.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Depth psychology that focuses on the unconscious processes as they manifest in present behavior with a goal of understanding the impact of the past on the present.